#47 Oracle APEX download PDF reports

Hi all,

A while ago a customer asked me if it is possible to download a (classic) report as PDF file. I know that the interactive report has a option to download it as PDF, but the classic report hasn't that option. So I've searched on the internet for a JS library that has the ability to download a PDF.

I've found the open source library jsPDF and the addon Autotables. JsPDF is a very nicefull tool HTML5 client side solution for download PDF. The addon Autotables is used for generating reports in JsPDF using JSON (AJAX call).

 How to use it in APEX:
  1. Download the source code or use file URL's.
  2. Create a AJAX callback procedure that returns JSON data. (Note: Array or object type will both work)
  3. Implement some Javascript code.
  4. function download_pdf(){
     var doc      = new jsPDF('landscape', 'pt'); //Create JSPDF
     var columns  = ["EMPNO", "ENAME"];           //Report headers
     var filename = 'Download PDF';               //filename
     // Load data into report
     apex.server.process ( "DOWNLOAD_PDF", {}, {
        success: function(Data) 
               doc.autoTable(columns, Data); //Combine headers with data
               doc.save(filename);           //Create PDF
  5. Create a dynamic action that will fire the Javascript code when the user click on the download button.
Report in APEX

Report in PDF file

Demo: https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=94735:20

11-12-2018: I have created a APEX plugin for this. Check it on https://apex.world/ords/f?p=100:710:5668685349080::::P710_PLG_ID:S4S_PDF_DOWNLOAD

It is also possible to customize the report, like changing header colors, fontsize, etc. For more info visit the Github page.

See you next time!


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