#46 List view region in APEX 18.1

Hi all,

With APEX 18.1 we can use the list view  region in the universal theme. In the past it was only possible to use the list region in the jQuery mobile theme. In this blog I will explain how to create a simple master-detail screen with the list region as master region. I use a little bit HTML and CSS to make it look nicer.

So first how to create a simple list:

1. Choose "List View" as region.

 2. Choose the source for the list (table of SQL query).

3. Enter the attributes.
- For this example I use the DEPT table and choose "DNAME" as Text column.

 4. Result:
- This wasn't quite hard right? We see now a simple list with only the DEPT name. Its also possible to create a link or show additional information.

 So now I will explain how to create a nice master detail region.

1. Choose "List View" as region
2. Choose SQL query as source.
select deptno
 ,         dname
 ,         loc
from   dept;

3. Choose "Advanced Formatting" in the attributes section. 
- Now its possible to create the list with HTML code. You can use the column names in the query as substitution strings in the HTML:

<div id="&DEPTNO." class="cList-dept">



4. Create a hidden item to store the selected DEPTNO
5. Create a classic report with EMP data
6. Create a dynamic action. (To get the selected value and put in the hidden value)
* Get the ID value from the triggeringelement.
* Add class to the selected item (yellow background color)
* Refresh the classic report
7. Result 

Demo:  https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=94735:10:
See you next time!


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